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Text from Brown Wall - (Islam and Judaism)

God does not forbid you to deal kindly and justly with those who have not fought against you because of your religion and who have not expelled you from your homes.
Quran 60:8

* * *

When my soldiers in great numbers peacefully entered Babylon I did not allow anyone to terrorize the people I kept in view the needs of people and all its sanctuaries to promote their well-being... Freed the slaves, I put an end to their misfortune and slavery...
Cyrus the Great
539 BCE

* * *

If it had thy Lord's will, hey would all have believed, all who are on earth! Wilt thou then compel mankind against their will to believe!
Quran 109:6

* * *



* * *


God is attributeless.

God can be called "nothingness" because there is no "thingness." Differentiality has disappeared. From this state of unity, where there is no division, the universe unfolds.

Love is tempered by judgement; they must be balanced.

"Love your neighbor as yourself, Love Adonai your God, Because Adonai loved you, I have loved you."
Zohar, 165

Evil comes from God also. The demonic is rooted in the divine.

Divine presence is both transcendent and present in every part of Earth.

Doing good deeds honors God as much as prayer.

Everything we know or see emanates from God.

The goal of kabbalah is comprehension of Creator by all of his creations.

Annihilation of Thought is when human consciousness dissolves into the Infinite.

The Kabbalist works to overcome the barrier between the soul and the stream of cosmic life.

To understand kabbalism, one must rid oneself of material egoism and accept spiritual values as the only values.

* * *


Jews may not pray aloud. 1026 CE

Jewish-owned wine taverns are closed. 1026 CE

Jewish Sabbath is no longer officially recognized. 1979 CE

Since 1979, Iran has executed 17 Iranian Jews for espionage, including two in 1997. 

Iran severs ties with Israel. 1979 CE

Muslims shall not associate with Jews. 1898 CE

Nadir Shah orders that anyone who refuses to become a Muslim will have his belly cut open. 1736 CE

No Jew may raise his voice to a Muslim. 1660 CE

More than 6000 Jews are stripped of their belongings, 12 are killed, and 15 injured. 1910 CE

Jews who enter the bazaar may be beaten. 1898 CE

The oath of a Jew is not admissible in court. 1660 CE

Jewish population declines by 145,000 during reign of Fath Ali Shah; 45,000 

Jews are killed. 1797-1834 CE

Shah Abbas I declares if Jewish messiah does not appear in 70 years, Jews must convert to Islam or die. 1590 CE

When it rains, Jews may not take cover in alleyways. 1660 CE

Jewish weddings must be held in secret. 1660 CE

Shah: "The Jews, as my subjects, are esteemed. Everything they have told you is a lie." 1873 CE

When praying, Jews may not raise their voices or sing. 1660 CE

Jews must bow their heads when addressing Muslims. 1660 CE

* * *


Dani (Hamid) Tefileen
Age 29
sentenced to 9 years in prison on charges "of cooperation with the Zionist regime, membership in the espionage network and gathering classified information."

Asher Zadmehr
Age 49
university English instructor
sentenced to 7 years in prison on charges "of forming illegal group and an espionage network and of cooperating with the Zionist regime."

Naser Levy Hayim
Age 46
Hebrew teacher
sentenced to 7 years in prison on charges "of running the espionage network and cooperating with the Zionist regime and recruiting people for the network."

Ramin Farzam
Age 36
perfume merchant
sentenced to 6 years in prison on charges of "membership in the espionage network and cooperation with the Zionist regime."

Javid Beit Yakov
Age 41
sporting goods merchant
sentenced to 6 years in prison on charges "of membership in the espionage network, cooperation with the Zionist regime and making new recruitments to the network."

No Jury
Judge also acting as Prosecutor

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